Chain Guard universal bracket


Hi guys,

I have an old dutch bike, ‘ALTRA Chiche City Classic’ and I need to replace its chain guard.

I managed to get a universal one that is supposed to fit and it does but with a small issue, I have no bracket to hook the guard to.

I guess some pictures will help to better understand.

I pulled off the pedal and started to assemble the chain guard…



… but as you can see on the back, I have nothing to hook it up to



Previously, the original chain guard was a ‘de woerd’ and it did fir this round bracket below, however, the new guard does not fit the old bracket, therefore I cannot use it.



Does anybody know where I can find those metal brackets with 2-3 branches that can be fixed to the crank?

Otherwise, do you have any other idea how I can fix it?

Any suggestion is very welcome! :slight_smile:

Thank you,



I think that you can find what you need here:

Good luck!


Choose the exact size! The bracket is mounted behind the cup on the right (drive) side. So you need also a tool to disassemble the crankaxle and cups. Attention: if BSA threaded: left is righthand threaded, but right (driveside) is lefthand (counter clockwise) threaded. No thread (that is what it looks like) requires you to press the cups out and in. Start with right cup. Use a wooden hammer.