Cortina blau or Batavus Dinsdag Exclusive


Hi, I am having difficulty to select a commuter bicycle for myself in between of following 2 options:

  • Cortina Blau n7 2019
  • Batavus Dinsdag Exclusive 2019

Cortina costs 800 euros while the Batavus costs 1080 euros.
280 euro price difference comes with the following:

  • Batavus has Alfine 8 whilst Cortina has Nexus 7
  • Batavus weights 15.5 whilst Cortina is 18.5kg
  • Batavus has Madura hydraulic brakes whilst Cortina has roller brakes
  • Batavus has CDX belt whilst Cortina has CDN

However, I really like the style of Cortina as a commuting bicycle. Another important note is that the bicycle will remain outside in Amsterdam since I don’t have a garage space. This costs me as maintenance fees in the future. Therefore I am not sure if it is waste to keep an expensive bicycle like Batavus to leave outside…

Hoping to have your feedback

Many thanks,


Concerning the lock:
Just buy a good chain lock eg for scooters or motorcycles. Like for €60,- and up pricewise and you’re set.
I live in Amsterdam too, now owning a new bike for the second time, and that’s the only way to discourage potential thieves. I have this type for 6 years now :
This lock is also available in a 110cm long variant (I have the 110cm variant) and therefore very capable of securing the bike to almost anything solid.

Concerning the differences: try a Nexus 7 out and a Nexus 8, the difference in resistance is huge! Also the weight can be noticeable when climbing the lots of bridges Amsterdam has!


Thanks for your reply @bakker01. Today I have cancelled my cortina blau order and ordered a batavus dinsdag exclusive. I will have it next :slight_smile: hoping to enjoy its every second!


Good choice between the two, Yucsss.

The difference between the Alfine 8 and the Nexus 7 and CDX versus CDN for sure can justify the higher price.

So you live in an older house, as the rule for newer house is to have a space for parking bicycles. Maybe there is a “buurtstalling” near you, see

Like @bakker01, better spend some money on a good lock, or better said, two locks of which one is use to secure the bike to something solid.