Pre-planned routes in the routeplanner (Voorgeplande fietsroutes) - Zevenhovenroute, Zuid Holland


In the new routeplanner there are 72 pre-planned routes. This is a great idea to include classic routes in the Netherlands.

Yesterday we drove to Nieuwkoop, Zuid Holland to cycle the pre-planned route - Zevenhovenroute (32km). This is one of only 4 pre-planned routes in Zuid Holland.

But we can say we were disappointed with the overall quality of this route.

Why? Because last year we cycled around 2000km mostly in Zuid Holland and have found many nicer cycle routes. The main problem with Zevenhovenroute is that it uses mostly roads shared with cars (some with a lot of traffic on Sunday afternoon) or paths next to busy main roads.

We do not think that Zevenhovenroute should be included in the 4 pre-planned routes for Zuid Holland on the routeplanner.