Trek Dublin as commute/all-rounder bike?

Hi everyone,

(Sorry in advance for the English)

I’m looking to buy a new bike for commuting (15km daily) and for all-round usage (shopping, weekend travel, etc).
I currently ride a Gazelle Ambiance which I feel is really heavy (and probably has too big a frame for me).
I also wanted something with a more sporty posture without going into road bike territory.
On first hand market I think that would be something like a Batavus Dinsdag, for example.
I do not exclude the second hand market and there I saw the Trek Dublin. This, I understand, is an older model from Trek, with the Gates belt drive and the Nexus 8.
It’s a good looking bike as well, so it caught my eye.

What’s the general consensus on this bike? Things I’d like to improve comparing to my current drive is a lighter, smoother ride. I never thought my Gazelle was any good on either of those things.

It is helpfull if you mention the number of the marktplaats ad. Essential is the type of belt. CDN parts are mostly plastic. Can/should be replaced by metal parts by first owner or yourself. Expensive!
Older Trek beltdrive bike Soho is light and light riding.